New Year, New Blog

Photo by Colin Gillen/

Photo by Colin Gillen/

It’s a daunting task, starting a whole new blog, when I had a pretty substantial one up and running for several years with WinterWritings. But one day recently, I just felt it was about time that old thing got shut down, so I impulsively hit ‘delete’ (and then, after a moment or two of thought, hit “Yes, I’m sure” … and then, with increasing irritation, clicked the link which re-routed me to click once again through my email, just to be absolutely sure that it was me deleting me and not some nasty bugger impersonating me to delete me because they had grown weary of my crappy poetry).

Anyway. New Year, new blog. I will endeavour only to put up the best of my ramblings. I’ve popped a few of my favourites from 2015 into the poetry and short story pages above already. Thank you for dropping by, and if you follow me, I will do my best to please you much and to make this a better, more beautiful place to spend some time.



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