Support act, The BQ Trio (not the sort of ‘trio’ you’d expect on any level) at last night’s Inni K album launch at The Model were absolutely sublime. They warmed up the crowd before even a note left a set of lips, with wonderfully quirky presentation and wit, and by the time the beautiful and relaxed indie diva that is Inni K took to the stage, we were so filled with the warm and fuzzies we were positively glowing. And this despite the fact that The BQ Trio pride themselves on their morose, melancholic ‘whining’ minimalist country disco… (Which, as an audience member translates into a moving and incredibly subtle musical journey, completely without amplification and with the gentlest touch capturing every iota of attention in the room. You could have heard a pin drop).

Inni last played at The Model for the 2014 Divas for DVAS event, proving one of the absolute favourites of the evening. On the night in question, she was formally invited to return when her new album was ready to go, and so last night she did just that, presenting songs from the stunningly original album, The King Has Two Horses Ears to a rapturous audience. Opening with the gorgeous serenade to the blooms of Spring and Summer,Flower Relay, and closing with two traditional Scots-Gaelic working songs as an encore, with many unexpected and special moments in between, Eithne Ní Chatháin held the room in the palm of her hand. Charming and charismatic, this performer has been lauded on RTE’s Other Voices and praised by critics around the country for her ethereal style which perfectly blends old and new, and seeing her live in action one can certainly understand why. There’s something timeless about Eithne/Inni. She is incredibly self-possessed and yet sweetly vulnerable at the same time, as she shares deeply personal songs, with immensely touching lyrics, bringing a sense of empathy to all involved. Her range of influences, while mostly rooted in Indie-folk, occasionally show through in unexpected forms. Yeats, yodelling, Lykke Li, African tribal, Feist, trad, Oriental touches, storytelling, pop, mythical Eire… all shine through, blended expertly with personality and skill to capture the imagination and make spirits soar.

This gig, and this album, bring melancholic and uplifting elements together to create an almost visceral experience of music. Gently shaken and stirred, the audience left last night with smiles and great respect for this exceptionally talented performer. And a vast percentage bought a copy of the album, which is the most telling sign of all.